Outreach services through VSDB is offering free Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading training!! Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading is a revolutionary approach to literacy instruction for Deaf children giving access to phonemic awareness through the use of fingerspelling. Virginia teachers of the Deaf/HOH are invited to participate in 2 day virtual trainings to learn about the program and how to use it in their school divisions. Classes are limited to 15 participants. ASL interpreting is provided. Register here: https://bit.Iv/FSOW23
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Flyer with blue background. Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading. Based on evidence that fingerspelling may provide a pathway to decoding words and strengthening print recognition by building phonological awareness, a team from CLAD developed the Fingerspelling Our Way to Reading program.  This innovative program is a supplementary literacy program for DHH students in K-2nd grade that focuses on developing fingerspelling phonological awareness, printed word analysis, and multiple opportunities to read target words in sentences and original stories.  This FREE and VIRTUAL training requires 2 half days of training. Once you have completed the training, you will be able to purchase the program.  This training opportunity is available to teachers of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing in Virginia serving students ages 2-21. ASL Interpreting is provided. Sessions are limited to 15 participants per class.   Dates: February 23-24 May 8-9 July 17-18  Register here: https://bit.ly/FSOW23  VSDB Outreach is funded by a grant through the Virginia Department of Education
We started off Spirit Week in relaxing and comfortable style - Pajama Day!! Check out some of our students and staff enjoying pajamas all day.
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three students and one staff smile wearing their pajamas
one student wearing pajamas pretends to sleep on a desk
a female teacher smiles from her doorway while wearing pajamas
female student stands and smiles wearing her pajamas
male teacher smiles wearing his Christmas pajamas
female student lays curled up on the ground wearing her pajamas
female staff wearing pajamas pretends to sleep standing up while wearing pajamas and holding a stuffed elephant and a coffee cup
This weekend has been busy! We're so proud of all of the students who represented VSDB this weekend in New York, New Jersey, and here in Virginia. Now, we're ready for an even more exciting and busy week - Blind Department Homecoming Week!!!!! We're having spirit days throughout the week: Monday is Pajama Day, Tuesday is Character or Wear Red Day, Wednesday is Fuzzy Day, Thursday is Blue and White Day, and Friday is Jingle Day! Add Thursday's Homecoming Goalball Pep Rally and Game to your calendar and plan to join us for a great time! Pep Rally will start at 1:30 and the game will start at 3:00!
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flyer showing images of the spirit days for homecoming week
flyer for homecoming goalball game at 3:00 on 2/16/23
SO PROUD of our four Blind Department students' participation in the Virginia Braille Challenge. Morris received 4th place, Nikita placed 3rd, Naomi received 2nd place, and Noah brought home 1st place!! We are so incredibly proud of the four of you and all your hard work!
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male student with a medal around his neck
male student receiving certificate and medal
female student smiles while holding a certificate and wearing a medal
male student receives medal and ribbon
four students smile wearing their medals
The students at the Virginia Braille Challenge spent time testing earlier but were able to eat lunch together and with their families.
about 1 month ago, VSDB
student and adult sitting at a table for lunch
student and his family at lunch
two students enjoying lunch
Our girls basketball team plays again today at 4:00 (will be live streamed) but they couldn't pass by the opportunity to use some of their free time to visit one of the largest waterfalls in the US!
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waterfall and river
snapshot of VSDB girls basketball during a game
two girls sit behind a large pizza and hold up peace signs
girls basketball team with coaches in front of the waterfall
two girls pretend to take a bite out of a large pizza
girls basketball team and coaches in front of a large waterfall
Four of our students went to compete in Virginia's FIRST Braille Challenge! The Braille Challenge is a national program of the Braille Institute®. It’s a full day of fun, interactive braille challenges where students compete and win prizes according to their grade level.
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four students standing in a gym talking
three students standing in a gym talking
School Counselor Appreciation Week post 5: We asked our counselors to respond to two questions - How do you inspire students to "Dream Big"? and Why did you become a school counselor? Here are their responses:
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I wanted to be a school counselor so that I could be apart of educating the whole child. My part in that is offering supports where needed to teachers, students, and families. Ms. Becky, VSDB school counselor
I am able to meet children where they are whether that is through play or through listening to them express themselves. Children are resilient and I want to be able to share with them skills and tools to be the best versions of themselves
I help students to dream big by encouraging them to maximize all their abilities! Many times the world will only see a persons disabilities and I want to help students to focus on all of who they are and growing into who they were destined to become!
reminding them to not think negatively or speak negatively about themselves. The battle of our own thoughts is the first fight we have to fight and if I can help them learn ways to “change” their thinking than I am positive they can conquer the rest
Our VSDB boys basketball team left this morning for a weekend tournament in New Jersey. They play their first game tonight at 8:30 pm. We wish you all good luck and hope you enjoy this time with your teammates, coaches, and other schools’ players. We will update this post if a live stream of the game is announced. We will also post photo and video updates as we receive them from the coaches! #goVSDB
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boys basketball team showing off the backs of their team sweatshirts
boys basketball team gathered for a group photo
teacher giving thumbs up to the team
pep talk from athletic director with boys basketball team lined in front of him standing outside
Thank you Staunton News Leader for highlighting the impactful work of VSDB's Board of Visitors, led by Senator John Bell. As Senator Bell said, passing Senate Bill 1493 makes a major statement about Virginia’s commitment to the Deaf and blind children of Virginia. https://www.newsleader.com/story/news/education/2023/02/09/virginia-school-for-deaf-blind-set-to-transfer-to-governor/69885337007/
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Our VSDB girls basketball team left today to head to Buffalo, NY for a weekend tournament. We wish you all the best of luck in the games and we hope you have a wonderful trip!! Their first game is tomorrow at 6:00 pm. We will update this post if a live stream of the game is announced. We will also post photo and video updates as we receive them from the coaches! #goVSDB
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two women sit in the driver and passenger seats of a white van
girls basketball team in the van holding a sign “go cardinals"
athletic director gives girls a pep talk before they leave for the trip
It may still be winter but yesterday sure felt like spring! Our residential students enjoyed spending their afternoon outside in the beautiful weather.
about 2 months ago, VSDB
students and staff playing outside. one girl throws a football with staff. some student are playing on playground
female student on porch swing
group of students on a merry go round
female student on a porch swing
School Counselor Appreciation Week post 3: Spotlight on Alysha Scott! Alysha is originally from Ohio but has been in Virginia for several years now and we are SO GLAD she has found her way to VSDB! Her position is new to VSDB because she works in the afternoons and evenings to support students who reside on campus during the week. Although she has only been at VSDB for a few months, she has quickly developed strong relationships with the students and they appreciate her ability to joke and make them smile. She is a fun-loving person and brings that fun with her into counseling to make groups fun! Thank you, Ms. Alysha, for everything you have done so far to support our students and we're so glad to have you on board!!
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portrait of woman’s head and shoulders in front of a stone wall
School Counselor Appreciation Week post 2: Spotlight on Becky White! Becky is from Alabama but has made VSDB her home for the past 8 years. She primarily serves students in the Deaf department. Staff and students appreciate Ms. Becky for making space for our feelings and her compassion for everyone. Thank you Ms. Becky for everything you do for us at VSDB. We truly appreciate you!!!
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photo of a smiling woman with long brown hair
Our Pre-K students are learning about Community Helpers. This week, they are focusing on mail carriers. They have their own mailbox set up outside their classroom to receive mail. If YOU would like to mail something for our pre-K students to enjoy (even beyond just this week), please mail it to VSDB Attn. pre-K P.O. Box 2069 Staunton, VA 24402 Our pre-K program has Deaf and DeafBlind students, so if you can include some visual and some tactile elements, that would be great!
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pre-K student reaching into a large mailbox
pre-K student standing in a hallway and taking a card from an envelope
pre-K student sitting in the hallway and holding a card
Three of our students have been raising money for Special Olympics Virginia and participated in the Polar Plunge in Virginia Beach this past Saturday. Their team raised over $5,000!! Great job Jacob, Naomi, and Nikita!!! #vsdbproud
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three young adult students wearing inflatable inner tubes designed as a frog, a giraffe, and a bird. each student is also wearing a wide brimmed hat. two students are holding canes
three young adult students wearing inflatable inner tubes designed as a frog, a giraffe, and a bird. each student is also wearing a wide brimmed hat. two students are holding canes
Our school counselors are the BEST! This week is National School Counselors Appreciation Week, so we’d like to recognize them specifically this week, but we appreciate them every day! Thank you Ms. Alysha, Ms. Becky, and Ms. Beth for the work you do for our students and staff!
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mind map of “National school counseling week” in a white bubble and various attributes surround it. motivation, advice, success, direction, coaching, support, goal, training
School picture day is scheduled for Wednesday, February 8. Bring your favorite shirt and your best smiling face! A code to view and purchase pictures will be sent to families when we receive it.
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text at the top of the page “Wednesday February 8” with an image of a camera underneath. the view screen of the camera has text “school picture day"
Our school staff used yesterday’s early homegoing to participate in professional development. The Deaf department had a workshop on Language Development Milestones yesterday. Today, the Blind Department left early this morning to tour VRCBVI and VIB.
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staff getting into two white vans. the sun is rising in the background
staff getting into two white vans. the sun is rising in the background
group picture of staff standing in the lobby of a VSDB school building
The dusting of snow may have melted quickly, but that didn’t stop Ms. Lynn’s Independent Living Skills class from having a snowball fight before they started cooking! Students and staff joined in the fun
about 2 months ago, VSDB
students and staff throw cotton balls resembling snowballs in the classroom
one male student throws a cotton ball snowball while two female students stand out of the way
one female student throws a cotton ball snowball
one female staff sits on a chair using her arms to protect herself from the incoming cotton ball snowballs