Outreach Services

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Professional Development and Workshops

Virignia based organizations and agencies can request virtual or in person professional development in the areas of hearing loss, vision loss, deafblindness, and education for students with sensory impairment. Please follow this button below to complete the form requesting professional development!

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Video ASL Lessons are available on our webpage! There is a book companion to the lessons available by request.

About VSDB Outreach Services

Outreach Services at VSDB works to provide resources, consultation, webinars, workshops, and more to assist everyone in Virginia working with and caring for children ages 2-21 with hearing and/or vision loss. Our department helps to connect your questions and needs to the expertise housed with VSDB and throughout the state. Events through VSDB outreach are open to all Virginia residents and are not limited to those who are attending the school.

VSDB Outreach Services are funded through a grant from the Virginia Department of Education.

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Services for the Deaf

Free Audiological Evaluations for Virginia residents from birth through 21 years old: comprehensive audiological diagnostic and evaluation services including exploration of amplification methods such as hearing aids, cochlear implants, and Hearing Assistive Technology.

Services for the Blind

Psychological and Academic Evaluations of children with visual impairments including blindness, at the request of your Local Educational Agency (LEA)

For more information, contact

Robin Bliven
Phone: (252) 258-0813
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Contact Information

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Robin Bliven

Director of Outreach Services

Phone: (252) 258-0813
Email Robin Bliven.