Workforce Transition

Learning by Doing

Skills Development, Deepened Understanding, Personal Growth

VSDB’s Work Based Learning Program is a perfect fit for our “Grow – Do – Become” approach to education. While exploring a variety of jobs and potential career paths both on campus and in the broader community, students develop life and job skills and get the opportunity to try out, in the real world, what they’ve learned in school.

We build partnerships with local businesses and non-profits and partner with them to make sure that students receive the guidance and support they need to be successful while building independence and confidence.

A high school student working in the kitchen

A high school student managing gym equipment

Benefits for the Student

  • Practical work experience in a real-world environment

  • Foundation for future employment and career

  • Understanding of employer expectations

  • Opportunity to test skills and knowledge gained in school

  • Interaction with the broader community

Benefits for the Community

  • Creates an environment of collaboration and cooperation among VSDB, local businesses, nonprofits, and the community

  • Fosters greater understanding of the abilities and capabilities of our students

  • Opportunity to mentor students and contribute to their personal growth

Contact Information

Sharon Ernest

Transition Specialist

Phone: (540) 332-9020

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