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Welcome to VSDB!

Unmatched opportunity and support for children and adolescents

Grow. Do. Become.

Hands on learning fosters academic, social,
and emotional growth, so students reach their
full potential for success after graduation.

No Fees, Period.

As an agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia,
we are able to provide the education and services
you need at no cost to your family.

Engaged at School + Family Time = Happiness

VSDB students—day and residential—get the best
of both worlds, balancing busy weekdays at school
with weekends at home.

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No Cost to Families

As a state agency, we cover all costs for education, services, transportation, room, and board.

Life and Career Skills

No matter a child’s age upon enrollment, VSDB lays the foundation for lifelong independence and success. Students can access our unique services and programs from birth until “aging out” of Special Education Services at 21.

​​​Expert Teaching

VSDB’s faculty and staff are simply the best — highly qualified and caring, they dedicate their careers to teaching students with hearing and vision impairments. They have the expertise and the passion to make the difference for your child.

Hands-On Learning

Interactive, experiential learning builds skills, knowledge, and confidence that translate into lifelong success — in post-secondary education, in the workforce, and in their communities.

Community of Peers

At VSDB, students are “one of many” instead of being the “only one” … often for the first time.

Engaged Student Life

Fun can be beneficial! Participation in athletics, social events, and extracurricular activities extend capabilities and enrich daily experience. Weekends at home allow family time, too.

“I can see the progress. My son has definitely grown a lot, and he has friends and other people he can communicate and socialize with.”

Ronnie Roscoe, Parent

“I really enjoy VSDB because I like a Deaf school where I can talk to my friends and teachers in ASL.”

Douron, VSDB Student

"My favorite things about VSDB are that [my daughter] has learned ASL, made a lot of new friends, and learned a lot about Deaf Culture."

Trisha Thompson, Parent

"I have nothing but good things to say about this school…(my son) has made a complete 180 change with his attitude, socially, and with academics. The staff here is great, phenomenal, they really, really love and embrace and bring you in as a family."

Darren Maxwell, Parent

"Joining VSDB was a definite plus for [my son]. Two thumbs up!"

Anthony Velasco, Parent

“This school is the best for deaf children because of the education and the direct communication in American Sign Language with peers and teachers. I don’t have to have an interpreter with me all day…at VSDB, we are all equal, the same. VSDB is the best school I’ve ever attended!”

Danyeal, VSDB Student

VSDB News and Upcoming Events


Talking Prescriptions

Talking Prescriptions

Do you have trouble reading your prescription labels?Now there is a solution! How does it work? The pharmacy will attach a small electronic tag to your prescription container. It contains the same data as the printed label.Place the container on the ScripTalk Station...


Sustained Investigation Art Series

Sustained Investigation Art Series

About the Artist: Rosie Clark is a senior at Fort Defiance High School taking AP Art and Design. For this class, she is creating her sustained investigation art series by painting visually impaired students from VSDB. Rosie plans to go to college next year and major...