Independent Living Apartments Now Open
October 13, 2017

VSDB is proud to announce the opening of its Independent Living Apartments (ILAs) program as a key part of its transition services.  The five-apartment program is housed in Price Hall on the VSDB campus and will provide students who are within their last two years of graduation, a supervised independent living experience in an apartment setting.  “Leases” will rotate on a 9-week basis. 

Students will receive hands-on experience with budgeting and paying bills, meal planning and preparation, and daily  housekeeping chores.  In addition, students will participate in age appropriate social activities to support successful transition skills upon graduation.

The program is supported by a prescriptive curriculum to meet the needs of students who are hard of hearing/deaf, visually impaired/blind, deafblind, or deaf or blind with other disabilities.   This unique program supports effective independent living and workforce skills that prepare VSDB graduates to take their place in the community as productive citizens upon graduation.

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