Campus Services

Student Health Services

VSDB is well prepared to meet the healthcare needs — routine as well as acute — of both residential and day students when they are on campus. We encourage each child to obtain optimum health and wellness while maximizing his or her educational potential.
A an outdoor staircase leading to a building on the VSDB's campus.

On-Site Services

Our Student Health Center (SHC) is located in Bradford Hall which is in close proximity to the schools, residential halls, playground, and cafeteria. When students are on campus, the SHC is open from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. and is staffed with registered nurses and a certified nursing assistant. First aid and routine care is provided for students with acute or chronic health conditions.

Partnering with Families

The SHC staff will provide reminders to parents/guardians when their child’s annual physical and dental exams are due. On site clinics for dental and vision exams may be available, contact the SHC for more information. Flu vaccines are offered annually free of charge.

Nursing Staff

VSDB nurses have diverse clinical expertise. They work under the direction of contracted pediatric physicians who are available by telephone 24 hours a day while students are in residence.


When students are in residence:
Monday through Thursday:  a.m. – 11 p.m.
Friday:  a.m. – 12 noon
Sunday:  6:00 p.m. – 11 p.m.

After hours
(Sunday through Thursday 11pm 7 am)

Supervisors will contact an on-call RN with questions or concerns

Contact Information

Amy Huffer, BSN, RN

Amy Huffer, BSN, RN

Director of Student Health Services

Phone: 540-332-9027 or 540-332-9026
Texts: 540-569-6700
Fax: 540-332-2244

Campus Police and Security

Our Office of Public Safety and Security Services operates 24 hours a day year round. With professionalism, integrity and dignity, our team is dedicated to maintaining order, protecting life and property, and above all providing a safe school environment for our students, staff, and guests. VSDB is a tobacco-free, weapon-free, and drug-free campus.

What We Do

The Office of Public Safety works to support VSDB’s mission and ensure the highest level of safety for students, staff, and visitors by:


  • Checking areas throughout the campus on a regular basis
  • Monitoring traffic and parking areas
  • Responding to campus emergencies and providing assistance as needed, including transportation to the campus infirmary and/or contacting (911) for emergency services
  • Monitoring all campus activities, whether hosted by VSDB or by an external facility user
  • Greeting visitors and guests and assisting them in finding offices, schools, and residence halls
  • Unlocking and securing buildings per established schedules to prevent unauthorized entry and staff protection
  • Performing Emergency Drills regularly and ensuring all students and staff remain informed of emergency procedures
  • Performing Fire and Safety Compliance inspections to ensure a safe learning and residential environment


  • Educating staff and students in fire safety prevention, personal safety and we provide/coordinate CPR courses.
  • Inspecting, and coordinating inspections, of all facility life safety equipment including fire extinguishers, sprinklers systems, fire alarm equipment, and kitchen range-hood systems
  • Investigating work related injuries; provide/coordinate safety awareness programs to minimize injuries
  • Overseeing agency crisis management program, training employees in safety, security, and crisis management
  • Providing deaf awareness training to local law enforcement agencies at the local Police Academy.
  • Providing student escorts, luggage assistance, and other assistance as needed
  • Working closely with students in the student employment program. For example, in the Junior Security Officer Program, students work along with a security officer a couple of hours weekly, enabling officers to serve as mentors and allowing students the opportunity to develop and learn valuable job skills.

Philosophy and Values Drive our Approach to Safety and Security…

The mission of the Virginia School for the Deaf and the Blind – Office of Public Safety is to take proactive measures and respond to the changing dynamics of the campus, the educational environment and the needs of the local community and law enforcement. It is the intent of VSDB Office of Public Safety to provide a safe and secure learning environment that promotes good health and is free from violence, weapons, vandalism, gangs, substance abuse and other hazards while enhancing student, staff relations with Campus Law Enforcement & Security Personnel.

We strive to ensure a safe, secure school environment where students, staff, and visitors thrive and can focus on the educational process. Our core values include integrity, respect, fairness, and service:


Integrity is an essential component of the VSDB Office of Public Safety and we are committed to the highest level of professionalism. We commit ourselves to a higher standard and take great pride in professional services to all.



In our professional and personal endeavors, we treat all individuals in a dignified and courteous manner and uphold an understanding of ethnic and cultural diversity encountered within our campus and local community. We promise to abide by upholding the principles and values of state laws and the Constitution of the United States.


We treat all individuals with respect, compassion, and consideration to their needs. We show full attention and sensitivity to the students, employees’ visitors, parents, guardians and the surrounding community.



Provide a safe learning environment that promotes good health and is free from violence, weapons, hazards, vandalism and substance abuse for the students and staff.

Public Notice

VSDB is a tobacco free, weapon free, drug free campus. Violators will be subject to all applicable local, state & federal laws. All persons choosing to enter premises are subject to video surveillance.

Keeping in mind our programs operate 24 hours a day, visitation should be limited to official state/school business. Persons choosing to visit the VSDB Staunton campus because of its historical significance or for other reasons must obtain permission from the Superintendent’s Office, which is located in Main Hall, before attempting to enter educational or residential buildings.

This request is made for obvious safety reasons. We thank you in advance for your compliance and support.

Other Safety Resources

Public Safety Contact Information

Nick Hall

Nick Hall

Director of Public Safety


Phone: (540) 332-9027 or (540) 332-9026
Texts: 540-569-6700
Fax: 540-332-2244

Charlie Coker

Charlie Coker

Campus Chief of Police