With VSDB’s focus on the whole child, a variety of team sports and physical activities are offered at various levels to meet the needs of all students.  VSDB is a proud member of the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA) and the Eastern Athletics Association for the Blind (EAAB).  VSDB competitive teams travel to compete against other Schools for the Deaf and Schools for the Blind. 

At the competitive level, VSDB offers its athletes the opportunity to compete at the school, district, regional, and national levels.  Accommodations are made for individual needs as appropriate and practical for the sport.  

Team sports offerings include:

Blind Soccer

VSDB is one of only two high school Blind Soccer Teams in the United States.  Also known as “5-a-side Soccer”, this sport is an adaptation of soccer for athletes with a visual impairment. Blind Soccer is the fastest-growing Paralympic sport in the world and is played in over 60 countries.

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball Teams

VSDB offers competitive basketball for middle to high school students in the Deaf Department and for students with low vision from the Blind Department. Accommodations are provided as deemed appropriate and practical.

Cross Country

VSDB boasts one of the best cross-country courses in the area. Participation is accessible to all students and individual accommodations are provided to meet each student’s needs as deemed appropriate. For students who are visually impaired or blind, supports such as guide runners and tethered running partners are provided to guide and assist throughout the course.  Each year VSDB hosts an annual cross-country tournament that includes teams from the local school division.

Girls Volleyball

For middle to high school girls in the Deaf Department and for students with low vision in the Blind Department, VSDB offers a competitive volleyball experience. 


This team sport for the Blind is played at the state, national, and international levels. VSDB has been recognized for its Goalball team with victories on the regional and national levels.  Goalball consists of two 3-person teams, all blindfolded, competing against each other to score points by throwing a ball, embedded with a bell, into their opponent’s goal.

Track & Field

This sport is also fully accessible to all students and includes events such as the shot-put, 50 and 100m dash, long jump, and the high jump.

Contact Information

Cliff Watson

contact for deaf department



Rachel Lovell

contact for blind department



Healthy Physical Activity Options

All students may participate in a variety of activities to promote their overall health and abilities. All activities are designed with the needs of the students in mind and accommodations are implemented as needed. Other activities are planned depending on student interest.

Walking Club

The Walking Club is open for all students and promotes social interactions while exercising. Students can track their steps and earn awards for their progress.


 Intramurals are often scheduled in order to allow students to experience a variety of team play in a non-competitive setting. 

Disc Golf

VSDB has a large Disc Golf course that provides a fun and different kind of exercise experience for the students.