Student Life

Welcome from the Director of Student Life

Greetings and welcome to the VSDB website!

My name is Becky Watson, and I am the Director of Student Life. I oversee the residential program for all of our blind and deaf students. The residential program is an important aspect of VSDB, and we work closely with the educational program. We have a variety of resources that provide services for all of our enrolled students. I invite you to come for a visit, and you will see for yourself the difference that VSDB can make in your child’s life.

Life On Campus

All day, every day…every aspect of life at VSDB contributes to student growth and development. Whether day or residential, all students have access to activities and services.

Those who live on campus are housed according to age and gender in one of four residence halls, each providing a comfortable and safe living environment conducive to the development of social skills.

Students live on campus Sunday night through Friday afternoon each week. VSDB provides transportation on Sundays and Fridays so that students can be at home with their families on the weekends.


With VSDB’s focus on the whole child, a variety of team sports and physical activities are offered at various levels to meet the needs of all students.  VSDB is a proud member of the Eastern Schools for the Deaf Athletic Association (ESDAA) and the Eastern Athletics Association for the Blind (EAAB).  VSDB competitive teams travel to compete against other Schools for the Deaf and Schools for the Blind. 

At the competitive level, VSDB offers its athletes the opportunity to compete at the school, district, regional, and national level.  Accommodations are made for individual needs as appropriate and practical for the sport.  

Team sports offerings include:

Blind Soccer


Cross Country

Girls Volleyball


Track & Field

Student Activities

Beyond the Classroom

At VSDB, education extends beyond the classroom through a variety of after school activities. Offered to both day and residential students, the activities are the result of collaborative efforts between the School and Residential Programs to ensure that at VSDB, learning never stops!  At the end of the school day, students can participate in a variety of activities and sports that foster independent living skills, confidence and self-worth, the development of functional daily and work related skills, healthy habits, and positive social interactions.

Campus Services

Student Health Services

Campus Police & Security

Try Life at VSDB!

Two charter buses are parked in the bus loop

Temp program

Let your child experience VSDB during a TEMP week.

      • Sunday evening through Friday afternoon
      • Sit in on classes
      • Connect with other students
      • Meet faculty and staff with expertise in student’s disability
      • Stay in a residence hall
      • Learn about assistive technology