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VSDB Policy Manual

G000 = General OP000 = Operations SH000 = Student Health
HR000 = Human Resources S000 = Student  
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0001 Table of Contents.pdf2022-07-07 09:50
G007 Emergency Closings.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G011 Fraud Waste Abuse Hotline.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G013 Animals on Campus.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G014.2 Visitors on Campus.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G014.3 Student Visitation.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G015 Parental Rights Responsibilities.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G016 Firearms Knives Weapons Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G019.1 Fire Safety Policy and Guidelines.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G019.2 Safety and Health Program.pdf2022-06-29 08:16
G019.3 Crisis Management Plan.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G019.4 Hazard Communication Plan.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G020 Access Control and Building Security.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G021 Accident Investigation.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G026 Challenged Controversial Materials Complaints from the Public.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G034 Hearing Conservation Plan.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G036 Title IX Prohibition Against Discrimination, Harassment and Retaliation.pdf2022-06-13 12:34
G038 Student Wellness Policy.pdf2022-08-24 06:52
G039 Student Threat Assessment Policy and Procedure.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
G039-F Student Threat Assessment and Response Report.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR001 Office of Human Resource Functions.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR002 Employment Practices.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR003 Equal Employment Opportunity.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR004 Standards of Conduct.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR005 Performance Planning and Evaluation.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR006 Return to Work Program.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR008 Educational Assistance and Leave .pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR009 Telework Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR011 Grievance Procedure Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR014 Paid Parental Leave Election Form.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
HR014 Paid Parental Leave.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP005 Contracts with Third Party Vendors.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP007 Dispoition of Surplus Property.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP008 Payroll and Leave Accounting.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP009 Student Spending Accounts.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP017 Meal Purchases.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP018 Parking Traffic Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP019 Mail Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
OP026 Tobacco Free Campus.pdf2022-07-07 09:15
OP034 Confined Space.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S001 Admissions.pdf2022-06-16 07:34
S001.2 Equal Access to Public Education.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S003.1 Transfer of Rights to Students Who Reach the Age of Majority.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S004 Suspected Child Abuse and Neglect.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S006 Eligilibility.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S006.1 Evaluation and Reevaluations of Student.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S013 Participation of Children in Human Research.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S017 The Appointment of Surrogate Parents.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S019 Transition Planning.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S020 Discharge.pdf2022-06-13 12:34
S021 Extended School Year.pdf2022-06-13 12:33
S022 Independent Educational Evaluation.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S025 Interscholastic Participation.pdf2022-06-29 08:18
S036 Bicycles Skateboards Roller Skates.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S038 Students With Motor Vehicles Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S043 Policitcal Advocacy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S046 Parent Involvement.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S055 Search and Seizure.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S061 Vending Machine Use by Students and Staff.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S063 Student Records Policy.pdf2022-03-25 17:39
S065 Transgender Students in School Policy.pdf2022-04-12 17:50
SH01 SHS Overview.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH02 Student Health Services Staff.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH03 Universal Precautions Training.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH04 Universal Precautions Reporting.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH05 Physical and Dental Exam Requirements.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH06 Providing Medical and Dental Services.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH07 Providing Emergency Medical, Dental or Mental Health Services for Students.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH08 Communicable Disease.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH09 Student Screenings.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH10 Student Allergies.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH11 Medications.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH12 Student Sexual Health.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH13 Substance Abuse.pdf2022-08-08 09:19
SH14 Concussion Policy.pdf2022-08-08 09:19